2024-06 Stacey Hallal Workshops

Stacey Hallal Workshops

June 6th to June 9th 2024 | Piaristengasse 32,1080 Vienna
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About Stacey Hallal

Stacey Hallal has been teaching, directing, and performing improv for over 24 years. She trained at Chicago’s Second City, iO, Annoyance, and ComedySportz theaters. At Second City, she also taught and assistant directed the main stage before moving to Portland to open Curious Comedy Theater in 2008 where she has worked as Artistic Director ever since.

She has performed and taught improv and sketch at over 150 festivals across North America, often working in duos with Joe Bill and Mark Sutton. She is also the creator of Ruby Rocket, Private Detective, a cartoon, comic, and live improvised show in which she has had the honor of performing with Marc Evan Jackson (The Good Place, Brooklyn 99), Maribeth Monroe (The Good Place, Workaholics), Stephnie Weir (MadTV), Amber Nash (Archer), Craig and Carla Cackowski, and soon Colin Mochrie (Whose Line). She will be releasing Ruby Rocket as a podcast soon!

Stacey also founded and curates the All Jane Comedy Festival to promote and celebrate women in comedy, as well as the Chroma Comedy Festival, with Artistic Director Jon Carr, which showcases BIPOC performers in improv from across the U.S..


Improv Workshop - "Find the Game"

2024-06-06 | 15:00-18:00 | Piaristengasse 32,1080 Vienna | 60€ / 54€*

We all hear about the “game of the scene” – but what does it really mean? How do we find it? Once we find it, what do we do with it? In this workshop, we will explore the concept of game, practice finding it and playing it until it can’t be played anymore, and then discover what to do when the game runs out of steam. Be ready to have fun in this workshop!

Stand-up Comedy Workshop - "Intro to Stand-up"

2024-06-07 | 15:00-18:00 | Piaristengasse 32,1080 Vienna | 60€ / 54€*

In this workshop, you will learn the building blocks of the joke writing process and the basics of stand up performance. We will explore how people see you, how you see yourself, and what might be your unique voice and point of view. Jump into this warm, encouraging, and supportive environment to discover the stand up inside of you! Following this workshop, there will be an opportunity to showcase your talents at Theater Spektakel.

Improv Workshop - "Honest improv"

2024-06-08 | 10:00 - 13:00 | Piaristengasse 32,1080 Vienna | 60€ / 54€*

Lots of people in improv reference ‘truth in comedy’ but rarely dig in what exactly that means in practice. In this workshop, you will learn the difference between playing honestly and going for the joke. We will also uncover and explore how to use authenticity as a comedic tool without sacrificing fun or joy in your play.

Stand-up Comedy Workshop - "Stand-up Comedy diagnostics"

2024-06-08 | 15:00 - 18:00 | Piaristengasse 32,1080 Vienna | 60€ / 54€*

Stand up comedy can be a very lonely business. You are alone on stage. Your perception of yourself is skewed. Who can you turn to for helpful insights on your approach to stand up writing and performance? In this workshop, you will share your work and get an honest and objective assessment of how you are perceived, what you’re doing well, and where you could improve. Be ready for lots of feedback shared with lots of support and encouragement.

Improv Workshop - "Dynamite Dynamics"

2024-06-09 | 11:00 - 17:00 | Piaristengasse 32,1080 Vienna | 110€ / 100€*

What do the words dynamite and dynamics have in common? The root DYNA - which means power.

Often, when people refer to POWER IMPRO they mean fast, hard, loud, and unrelentingly funny. This is definitely a powerful way to play…sometimes. But
sometimes the most powerful way to play is slow, soft, silent, or poignant. Master improvisers know how to play a full range of energies and when to apply them to their characters, scenes, and the stories they tell. In this workshop, you will learn how to build and harness your own impro superpowers
to play within a dynamic range - physically, verbally, and emotionally. Whether your improv journey has recently begun, or you are a seasoned improviser, this workshop will power up your impro to the next level.


Improv-Show “Ruby Rocket”

2024-06-06 | 20:00 - 22:00 | Theater Spektakel Hamburgerstraße 14, 1050 Vienna | 15€ / 12€*

"Experience the Magic of Ruby Rocket: An Improv Show Blending Noir Comedy with a Touch of Adventure!"

Join us for an electrifying live performance of Ruby Rocket, a one-of-a-kind improvised noir comedy extravaganza featuring stunning projected visuals by Jon Timm. Stacey Hallal embodies the enigmatic Ruby alongside a dynamic roster of guest improvisers, creating a show that's fresh, unpredictable, and uproariously entertaining.

Originally developed in collaboration with audience members, Ruby Rocket defies convention with its spontaneous twists and turns. Stacey often partners with improvisers she meets moments before the show, injecting each performance with a palpable sense of spontaneity and adventure. The format is straightforward yet playful, ensuring a night filled with laughter and surprises. Plus, each live episode is recorded to be featured in an audio podcast series, ensuring that the fun lasts long after the curtains close.

Stand-up Comedy-Show

2024-06-07 | 20:00 - 22:00 | Theater Spektakel Hamburgerstraße 14, 1050 Vienna | 15€ / 12€*

After an exciting and informative Comedy Stand-up workshop, participants will have the chance to showcase their newly acquired skills on stage.

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